Forever Rivals

Roice Jacob , Leopard Life Staff Writer

On Oct. 12, long-time rivals, Oklahoma University and the University of Texas played in the Cotton Bowl stadium at the Texas State Fair.

“I was very excited for the Longhorn’s to play and win,” said Adam Jauregui, 7.

Like most Texas fans Carsten Dunn’s parents attended the University of Texas, and they have been fans of the football team ever since.

“It was very different than other Texas games because it was very loud, hype, and awesome,” said Carsten Dunn, 7. 

Many OU football players played very well in the game, and their offense was great. Texas’ defensive players need to work on some things, but overall, both teams played well.

“Texas has to work on their defense and OU needs to keep up their offense,” said Gavin Bear, 7. 

CeeDee Lamb, who is a sophomore  on OU and a wide receiver, had a fantastic game. 

“CeeDee Lamb got 3 touchdowns and no one could tackle him,” said Jack Bardwell, 7. 

They also say that other OU players did well but most of all the coaching was also great. 

“The coaches made the right calls which made these great plays by Jalen Hurts,” said Parker McGrail, 7. 

All fans on both sides can’t wait for the next game between these two rivals.