Review: “The Addams Family” not as bad as you think

Roice Jacob, Leopard Life Staff Writer

Conrad Vernon and Greg Tiernan created the new animated version of “The Addams Family;” which was released on Oct. 11 2019 with a PG rating. The original “The Addams Family” was released Nov. 22, 1991 and was rated PG-13. 

Most ratings on the movie from major movie rating websites were not as high with a 5.9/10 from IMDb, 41% from Rotten Tomatoes, and 40% from Fandango. Despite these ratings here is why you should watch it: The Addams Family doesn’t have one character that is more important than the other. Many people could argue that Wednesday is the main character because she goes through the most changes or that Pugsley is the main character because his Mazurka is coming up, and he’s the one that does many of the main actions. However, all of the main members of Gomez’s family are important to the plot because we all get to know what they think and feel during tough times. 

This version of “The Addams Family” is definitely more kid-friendly because of it being animated and having jokes geared toward younger audiences. Other movies such as “Shrek 2” and “Monster vs. Aliens” which are also directed by Conrad Vernon are similar to the animation, but The Addams Family is not a DreamWorks movie, hinting that he left the company. 

I would recommend this to kids with wild imaginations and who believe in fairy tales because this may make their day.