WSMS presents: “Annie Jr.”

Presley Zadorozny and Libby Johnson

The WSMS theatre program is producing a new musical, “Annie,” directed by Lisa Nalls and will perform Nov. 14-16 at the LHS auditorium.

“I think of “Annie” as sort of an “Aladdin” story. Like “Aladdin”, “Annie” has the theme of rising above and finding your inner worth, no matter what your position in life,” said Olivia LaFontaine, 7.

“Annie” is the story of an orphan girl living in New York City during the Great Depression. Millionaire Oliver Warbucks decides to take Annie in temporarily for the holidays, and they quickly form a bond. Although Annie was an orphan in an abusive situation, she held true to her inner worth and never doubted it.

“‘It’s the Hard Knock Life’ is my favorite song. The choreography is so fun because I tend to gravitate towards lots of motion and fast beats. ‘NYC’ is another favorite. I like the catchy tunes and the big group number,” said LaFontaine, 7.

The songs in “Annie” are classical, timeless, and fit perfectly alongside the 1982 movie. Some traditional songs featured in the musical include “Tomorrow,” “It’s the Hard Knock Life,” “NYC,”, “Little Girls,” and “I Think I’m Gonna Like it Here.” The crew of Annie is enthusiastic about being able to be part of the songs included in the performance.

“So far it’s really fun. Everyone is so positive. Even if they didn’t the part they wanted, they still give 100 percent. The show will be great,” said Sophia Andrezejewski, 7, lead role Annie.

Make sure to come to the LHS auditorium on Nov. 14-16 at 7 p.m. to support the crew.