Students wear trendy costumes for Halloween

Mia Reaugh, Leopard Life Staff Writer

Halloween is right around the corner and kids at WSMS are coming up with the most original, fun, and unique costumes.

“During Halloween, you can be creative by wearing cool costumes that are special to you,” said Samantha Du Bouis, 7.

Everyone can express themselves through fun costumes. 

“I’m being Red Riding Hood for Halloween because I think it’s fun and different,” said Naomi Morales, 8.

Some students decide that they want to create their own costumes instead of buying them.  

“I have a lot of friends that make their own costumes because of their creative artistic ability,” said Charlie Hathaway, 7.

Most students go in a group of friends instead of going by themselves. 

  “I’m going as one of the seven dwarfs with some of my friends. We all have different personalities and it’s fun to show them off,” said Isabel Joyner, 7.

Many students go as something funny or something that is trending at that moment.

“I’m being a Frat boy and my friend, Kate Mcgrathy, is being a VSCO girl,” said Ava Hampkins, 8.

Halloween is a great holiday to be creative and have fun.