Kids are taking control of the environmental crisis

Campbell Lester, Leopard Life Staff Writer

Kids are striking against adults’ decisions in the environmental crisis because they are not satisfied with the choices and actions the adults are making.

“Our leaders are definitely not doing enough for this problem. They probably have more important things to attend to,” said Mareliz Basson, 8.

The environmental crisis is the natural world facing problems and degradation.

“It’s not okay because, for example, with the Amazon rainforest we are losing so much oxygen,” said Annabella Kokoricha, 8.

Many kids have started to protest and take time out of their school day for the environmental crisis.

“I would protest because it’s humans’ fault that we are even in this position, and we need to fix this,” said Baruni Ramasamy, 7th

Greta Thunberg is one of the main influencers, and only at the age of 16. She has organized protests, written a book, and has spoken in front of large crowds about this problem.

“I personally think she’s overreacting, but she’s definitely making a change,” said Roice Jacob, 7.

With the way things are looking, the environmental crisis has no way of ending anytime soon.

“I think the environmental crisis will one day end when humans realize how vital renewable resources are,” Jackson Betz, 8.

Our hope and future lie in the hands of our children.