Controversy over the new Joker movie

Campbell Lester and Mia Reaugh

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There are many controversial opinions on the new Joker movie because of the image created by a psychopath man who embraces murder and cruelty.

“I thought it was very violent, but it supposedly earned an overall 234 million dollars and was adored by many who saw it,” said Anna Barr, 7  

 The movie was first aired at the Venice Film Festival, and officially hit theaters Friday, October 4. By then, many people were scared to go see the movie, not because of the actual violence, but what the intensity was rooted from.

 “It is very violent and I wouldn’t recommend it to younger viewers, but it was a good representation of how taking care of your mental health is important,” said Abby Rodriguez, 8.

A lot of the violence was based on things like shootings, sympathetic cruelty (feeling bad for yourself and taking it out on others), and a turning of a man’s descent into insanity.

 “I thought it was a fine movie until it showed mass shootings. It made it a little too real,” said Reese Wallace, 7.

 The Joker may be very controversial, but it is ranked one of the best movies to hit the box office.