United by the Ribbon

Michael Malka, Staff Writer

Students across the country are taking a stand against drugs due to an increase in overuse in the past years by raising awareness through the Red Ribbon campaign.

“Red Ribbon Week is a great reminder to students about the dangers of drugs. When students see and hear their classmates, teachers, and staff commit and model a drug free life, it decreases drug use among teens.  It really works as a positive peer pressure”

 -Kent Messer School Principal

WSMS held a class contest to encourage kids to participate in helping raise awareness, with Ms.Vizcaino having the most amount of students participating.

“I probably had 20 to 25 students per class participating, including my advisory class.  So probably around 15-175 students per day.”

In total, throughout the school, 532 students participated in the competition. But we have to remember what Red Ribbon Week is really about. During advisory, we learned the consequences of using drugs, and how to avoid them through positive life messages.

“I believe that the more you hear the information, then the less likely you will be to start using drugs and alcohol when you are in a situation where you are confronted with it.”- Gretchen Young School Nurse 

Red Ribbon Week is here to remind us about focusing on our goals and continue on a straight path towards success