Vaping Awareness

Selene Thompson, Leopard Life Staff Writer

In the past few years, the rates of vaping have risen, leading to an epidemic across the nation due to its appeal on youth.  

“It’s advertised widely and the dangers of vaping haven’t been revealed until now, so no one really knew the dangers of it before,” said Layne Doffing, 8. 

As many dangers are uncovered, vaping is shown to be dangerous to the lungs and the body, but still, a lot of people wonder whether it does more than they already know.

“Vaping is so new, scientists and the general public have no idea about the long-term consequences of vaping on our lungs and the rest of our body,” said Kay Bordelon, WSMS counselor.

Most people know what it does to the body and understand how it can damage their lungs, but do they really know what’s inside of a JUUL pod or vape?

“Nicotine vaping products such as JUUL, use a solvent to mix with the nicotine to create an aerosol which is the vape,” said Mrs. Bordelon.

People know that nicotine is dangerous because of the addictiveness it causes, but what do the other ingredients in a vape do to the human body? 

“Vaping can lead to Popcorn Lung due to the chemicals in the flavorings that are added. A person that is vaping may have difficulty focusing in class or on tasks and feel jittery due to feeling like they need to vape because of the nicotine addiction,” said Gretchen Young, WSMS Nurse.

Not only is vaping dangerous to the body, but it can cause a disruption in families and with friends. 

“It could ruin families and lives because it can cause lung damage, nicotine addiction, and even death. That can permanently scar families and friends,” said Juliana LeFort, 7.

In many ways, adolescents can prevent their friends, family, and most importantly, themselves from getting involved with one of these pods. 

“My best advice would be to never start vaping. Having a plan for how you are going to handle these situations is crucial so you don’t feel stuck or pressured into doing something you don’t want to do,” said Mrs. Bordelon. 

As vital as a person’s lungs are to be healthy, vaping is not an ideal way to fix anything. In fact, it causes more problems than it will solve. If ever faced with a situation, remember to keep safe from things that are harmful to the human body and people around.