New local business brought to WSMS

Christian Giordano, Leopard Life Staff Writer

Jacob Petrin, Ethan Smith, and Thomas Clancy developed local, craft beverage business called J.E.T. Homemade Rootbeer since August 2019 to make an enjoyable profit.

“We started the business because Governor Greg Abbot signed a law saying kids could sell non-alcoholic beverages without paying taxes,” said Jacob Petrin, 8.

With this new law, kids can take advantage of having the experience of running a business without having to follow all the rules of regular businesses.

“We started the company on August 5, 2019,” said Ethan Smith, 8. “We make the root beer in a high tech brewing facility a.k.a. my kitchen.” said Petrin.

The business has been successful for them, and they have been able to sell their products from the comfort of their home brewery.

“We wanted to start a fun hobby that all of us can enjoy and make money off of,” said Thomas Clancy, 8.

The new state law wasn’t their only motivation for the business. They wanted something they can do that they all like. A root beer business seemed to be a perfect fit for them.