8th grade Volleyball District Tournament

Bethanie Wu, Leopard Life Staff Writer

Eighth grade Willow Springs volleyball teams competed in districts at the WSMS gyms to attempt to win the tournament. 

“In the district tournament we play against teams from Rockwall and Allen like Rockwall Cain, Allen Ford, Rockwall Williams, and more,” said Caroline Collins, 8.

To beat these teams, Lovejoy volleyball athletes had to work hard to be successful in their district tournament.

“We practice every day, and we practice a lot of game-like situations to prepare us for our games,” said Collins.

In order to do well at districts, athletes must be driven and competitive on the court and on every play.

“You can be aggressive by diving for the ball, hustling on every play, and being quick on your feet,” said Isa Camacho, 8.

Exerting effort and working hard during each point will help the team be successful during the game.

“I think we will do good at districts because we work as a team and hustle on every play,” said Kalin Carlson, 8.

The Lovejoy volley teams did well in the district tournament; C team tied for fifth place, and B team and A team placed second.