To sleep or not to sleep?

Evelyn Tsai, Leopard Life Staff Writer

In WSMS, students have been losing sleep due to the mounting stress and pressure from academic and extracurricular activities.

“Well, if I don’t get enough sleep each day, then I don’t feel as good, I won’t do as well in school and I won’t pay attention as much,” said Noah Marsden, 8.

“With sleep deprivation, I think the big thing is trying to get assignments done on time. If you can’t focus in class, then it’s going to really play a big part,” said Taylor Cantrell, a nursing student. 

Sleep deprivation has a negative effect on daily life. It reduces reaction time, alertness, reasoning, and memory and brings about different health problems.

“It[sleep deprivation] can make you more prone to viruses or illnesses. It wears on your immune system, the less sleep you have. And then, as far as school work, you’re not going to be able to stay awake during classes and function,” said Gretchen Young, the school nurse.

Sleep deprivation leads to multiple health problems, elevating risks for the common cold, the flu, diabetes, and numerous types of heart disease.

“You have to get into solid routines and try to stick to them as much as you can. It’s really hard to catch up on sleep, so it’s not like one day of sleeping in a lot can catch you up on weeks of getting behind so as much as you can stay in pretty similar routines,” said Allison Novice, an 8th-grade history teacher.

There are multiple ways to get more sleep: limit naps, avoid caffeine after noon and heavy meals up to two hours before going to sleep, go to bed at the same time every day, wake up at the same time every day, and spend an hour before bed relaxing.

“Your body has to have that REM sleep in order to rejuvenate your body,” said Young.

Getting the proper amount of sleep every night helps with multiple daily tasks. Sleep is essential for improving decision making, creativity, attention span, and mood.

“Getting the proper amount of sleep keeps you clear-headed,” said Jocelyn Kim, 8

As the school year advances, students should be sure to build a healthy sleep schedule in order to excel in their studies.