Football season begins


Roice Jacob, Leopard Life Staff Writer

On Sept. 4, the WSMS football season began with a victory for seventh grade’s first away games at Cain Middle School for both teams. 

“We work very well as a team and we work hard at practice,” said Beau Maddux, 7. 

Football isn’t all about the hard work though. It’s also about having fun. 

“Football is where you can actually play with your friends and enjoy it, and you don’t even have to wear the shoulder pads and other gear. You can just throw around a football with your friends,” said Tucker Barton, 7.   

Coaching is a big reason for the game being enjoyable and a reason for the team’s wins.

“The coaches have been preparing us very well for each game so that we could try our best,” said Cole Cargulia, 7.

However, the heat has caused our players to become tired easily. 

“Even though it’s very hot we still get plenty of water breaks,” said Tegan Braithwaite, 7. 

To deal with this, coaches remind us to stay hydrated and healthy. 

“It’s important to stay hydrated because you can get headaches, body cramps, and very tired because our bodies are made up of water and we need fluids to restore that water,” said Gretchen Young, school nurse.

The football team looks forward to a promising season filled with hard work and preparation.