Students stress over school tryouts

Mia Reaugh, Leopard Life Staff Writer

Recently, there have been many tryouts taking place at WSMS which can give kids anxiety about making a team. Sometimes kids don’t know how to deal with the stress. 

“Sports have surely started up quick,” said Garin Ruppert, 7.

So far at WSMS, football, volleyball, tennis, swimming, golf, cross country, and other sports have started. Most of the sports have tryouts which can cause pressure on the students that are trying out. 

“I tried out for volleyball and I wasn’t too nervous. I have experience with volleyball, but someone who didn’t would most likely be more nervous than I was,” said Finley Abernathey, 8

For some students, the stress doesn’t get to them, but for others, this is not the case. According to USA Today, stress can be good or bad. “Good” stress is short nervousness that leads to high adrenaline. This type of stress can help better the athletes’ performance. “Bad” stress is a feeling of helplessness and can affect how you play. 

“I got super nervous before football tryouts and was worried about making the team I wanted to make. But I had to push through,” said Julian Mayfield, 7

During a tryout, you always want to do the best of your ability. When you’re stressed in a bad way, it can be difficult. One way to fix this problem is to take a deep breath and calm yourself down. The day before your tryout, also try to get more sleep. 

“Since I sleep a lot, I would want to get 10 hours of sleep before a tryout. I would want to be well-rested,” said Connor Nobile, 7.

Also, If you haven’t had much experience with the sport you are trying out for, make sure you practice the sport first. 

“Make sure you practice before you tryout. It’s very important that you at least know a little bit about the sport. If not, there might be a possibility of being cut,” said Ashley Riley, 8

Although stress can affect us, we can always work through it.