8th graders inducted into National Junior Honor Society


Alissa Chang, Leopard Life Co-Editor

On Sept. 11, the National Junior Honor Society held an induction ceremony for its members in the WSMS cafeteria to mark the beginning of NJHS.

According to the WSMS website, “The National Junior Honor Society at Willow Springs is comprised of 8th grade students. The purpose of this organization is to create enthusiasm for scholarship, stimulate a desire to render service, promote leadership, develop character, and encourage citizenship in the students of Willow Springs Middle School.” 

NJHS gives students opportunities to lead and serve the community by requiring 12 hours of community service each semester.

“I joined NJHS because I think I’m a really responsible and organized person, and I love helping out the community,” said NJHS president Savannah Spors, 8.

This service not only helps students learn about local volunteer opportunities, but it also creates a lifelong habit of giving back. 

“I want to help out more. Since you have to do community service, I want it to be a habit for me to go do community service more often to help people,” said Skylar Rucker, 8.

NJHS also has four officer positions: president, vice president, secretary, and public relations which gives students the chance to learn government systems.

“It gets you exposed to community service and kinda gets experience working as a group and having a president and stuff like that. Working on government, I guess,” said Nicole Young, 8.

Leadership, academic excellence, and service are all character traits promoted by the organization.

“It is helpful because we learn to help our community out,” said Annabella Kokoricha, 8.

Throughout the year, eighth grade students will serve and lead the school through NJHS.