Project TAG

Spreads Through the School

Brinley, Bethanie, Staff Writers

At WSMS, students are participating in project TAG which stands for take and give. In TAG they leave inspirational drawings and quotes around for other people to take.

“It’s made a lot of people smile and spread a lot of kindness and encouragement around the school,” said Ms.Slaver.

TAG is not only meant for students inside the school, but it is also for people outside of school, and in the community.

“I am encouraging my students to take project tag into their homes, and even hang tags in the grocery store,” said Art Teacher Jenny Slaver

Ms.Slaver has had many experiences with project tag. She has changed and is now inspired in a very good way.

“Actually the inspiration came from a time when I was in college and in between classes I would be sitting on a bench, and I started leaving in on the park bench, and every time I came back there would be a new type of art,” said Slaver.

Students are encouraged to put tags anywhere as long as it doesn’t break the law.

“Of course these are legal tags, they’re not spray painted on the side of buildings, there is just artwork temporarily placed on a wall, window, or on a desk,” said Ms.Slaver

Not only does Ms. Slaver believe that we should spread projet TAG around but so does Mr. Messer.

“I think project TAG is very important it’s a way to publicize kindness and really promote kindness across our campus,” said WSMS principal Kent Messer.

Project TAG has been growing around the school, but Mr.Messer thinks it could go farther.

“There’s so much potential with the program that it would be neat if we could get it on all the campuses in the district and do sort of a district-wide project TAG experiment,” said Messer.

Project Tag has impacted many people’s lives and has been spreading throughout the community. Students at WSMS are excited to get their TAGS outside of the school walls and inspire others through their art.