Library PCs Changed to Laptops

Mathias Alling, Co-Editor in Chief

The library has replaced many PCs with laptops this year because of convenience to the students.

The library has replaced the PCs because a majority of the students come to work on group projects. The laptops allow them to move anywhere in the library to work such on a couch or on the tables instead of being confined to the rows which can be difficult to work on if there are more than two people in a group

“So basically a lot of the kids who come to the library work on group projects, so now with the laptops they can take them anywhere. Also, they can be used by classrooms when necessary,” said librarian Linda Jones.

The reason the library was able to get the computers was a contract with Dell that allows us to replace old laptops and computers. Every so often our contract allows us to choose if we want more PCs or if we want more laptops. This year we chose to get more laptops.

“Every year our contract with Dell allows us to upgrade the laptops every few years, sometimes we can choose if we want more laptops or PCs,” said Jones.

The catch is we will not be able to move the computers out of the library or to other parts of the school. However, any location in the library is fine.  

“Our laptops will stay in the library, but you can take them anywhere in the library,” said Jones.

Although we are now using laptops, the power of them is comparable to the PCs. So there are no drawbacks in terms of processing.

“Power-wise and access wise they should be about the same…” said Jones.

Although the library has implemented the laptops for group work, some people think that it is unnecessary because they rarely go to the library for group work.

“I rarely go to the library for group assignments,” said 8th grader Andy Zriny.

There are also concerns about processing since there is more storage on the laptops. For word documents the processing is comparable with the PCs the other concern is over damages. Since the laptops can be damaged from dropping and general mishandling there is a concern about damages.

“I feel like it’s bad because we had the PCs which you could do more with, also PCs don’t break as easily,” said Zriny

Some prefer PCs because of a larger screen size, which is easier to view and can have more on the screen at once

“PCs, because they have larger screens,” said Zriny.

The security risk for the laptops is inconclusive but they do not stay out overnight and they are counted. So if there’s a laptop missing, the librarians can check the security cameras that surround the library.

“We have aids that put them out every morning and take them up every night, also Mrs .Jones and I count them at the end of the day,” said Librarian, Ashley Barr.