Will Schmitt Helping the Elderly

Mathias Alling, Co-Editor and Chief

As Will walks up the stairway, he thinks about the Christmas season. Surrounding him though, are the walls of a decaying apartment building with many residents that lack basic necessities such as a working stove.

“Mostly during Christmas because I like helping people,” said Will Schmitt, 8.

During the Christmas season, Will helps elderly people in poverty. These people scrape by with what little money they have in a dangerous apartment. He helps them by doing chores, making dinner, and giving them food.

“We usually help people at their homes, cook them dinner and stuff. They are usually elderly and poor,” said Will.

According to an American Census Bureau study, 13.7 percent of the 47.8 million elders in America are in poverty.

“I get transport by car,” said Will.

Although Will likes to help the elderly, he is restricted by a busy schedule, so he’s usually only active during the winter.

“No,( I cannot help out often) because I am busy with other things,” said Will.

Will works with a small group and does not partner up with a large organization, limiting his resources, but giving him greater flexibility when he can head out and help.

“(My family and I) freelance,” said Will.

The apartments are in terrible condition. Most of them lack working ovens and microwaves, there are also pests such as cockroaches and broken household utilities such as cabinets that are stuck closed.

“There are roaches on the floor and most of the cabinets don’t open,” said Will.

He does not work alone though, he works with his family. They also help the elderly. Plus his sister and mom can give him transport.

“My Brother, Mom, and my Sister help me,” said Will.

One of the many benefits of helping out is you can earn volunteer hours or college credit.

“My sister helps out because she gets a college credit,” said Will.

In the end, Will leaves the apartments happy, knowing he has helped someone.