New students join the district

Mathias Alling, Co-Editor and Chief

Many new students have come to WSMS at the beginning of this semester.

“Well, first of all, I have to say that WSMS does a good job welcoming new students. We have a lot of new students already because we are a growing district so there may know what it feels like to be new,” said WSMS counselor Kay Bordelon.

Being a new student is difficult, but there are ways to help them out. A very easy way to help a new student is to introduce yourself and generally help them out in class. Setting up the new Google profile can take a day or two so try to share a computer if it’s a digital assignment.

“My first thought would be to put yourself in their shoes, also welcoming them to the school. You could go over and introduce yourself, even though it might be easier to talk to your friends and offer them a place to sit,”said Bordelon,” Helping them learn the layout of the school or with their schedule would help them get used to WSMS. Also, you can figure out things to do with them outside of school. If they are having a difficult time getting used to the new school tell an adult.”

The number of students joining the school district in the second semester is increasing. 9 more students have joined the district.

“This year we have 9 new students for this semester,” said Bordelon.

One of the main reasons for coming to the district mid-year and not at the beginning of the year is because of new job opportunities and housing that has just opened up.  

“Almost always because of a job transfer or housing opportunity,” said Bordelon.

One of our new students, Alex, moved from Ohio, a new job for his father allowed him to join the Lovejoy district.  

“I came from Ohio. I am in Lovejoy because it is a good school and the district falls into where my dad can work,” said Alex Tranchina, 8.

One of the differences between Lovejoy and other schools is the phone policy. Although it restricts access during class, on most days you are allowed to access your phone during lunch.

“You are allowed to have tech in the cafeteria here, and this school is larger,” said Tranchina.

There are some difficulties moving into a new district though. A common challenge is finding new friends in the district. Being in a completely new district can be taxing on new students, so helping them out can be beneficial.

“Finding new friends and getting used to the area,” said Tranchina.

A way to help out a new student is to introduce yourself and your friends.

“I found somebody who was friends with a good amount of people and they introduced me,” said Trachina.