Basketball team starts Tour of Texas

Tour of Texas: One of The Biggest Volleyball Tournaments in the state

Ella Zhang, Co-Editors in Chief

Winning the Tour of Texas takes hard work, practice, and perseverance. They must dive for every ball, and most importantly, they must beat their mental games.

“You must be driven, don’t let the ball drop, and hustle a lot,” said Charlotte Wilson, 8.

The Tour of Texas is a very competitive volleyball tournament where teams from across the state, including several students at WSMS, will meet and compete to be named the best in Texas.

“I think that we will do good because we’ve been practicing really hard, and we’re going to Austin while most of the other top teams are qualifying in Dallas,” said Bethanie Wu, 7.

Many teams are already training for this tour with extra practices, conditioning, and skill development.

“We have had conditioning training twice a week. We’ve been working on a lot of new plays, hitting zones, and a lot of blocking,” said Trista Tippin, 8.

As the tour gets closer, tensions are rising, causing many girls to have anxiety and stress. These athletes will need to set their emotions aside to mentally prepare for their first major tournament.

“I’m kind of nervous, but I’m also excited because I think that we will do good. This year I think that we’ll do even better than last year,” said Trista.

They will travel to three of four different major cities: Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, and Houston.

“I’m most excited for Houston because last year I went, my team won, and it’s a shorter drive than Austin, and there is probably going to be a lot of competition,” said Hannah Gonzalez, 8.

Through March, teams will travel throughout Texas and try to get one of the 12 spots to be pre-qualified for the following year.

“I think my team and I will do good, and I think that we will pre-qualify for next year,” said Jordyn Burnett, 8.  

Many girls at our school are putting in countless hours to prepare for this momentous tournament.