School respect-an important aspect of all schools

LeopardLife Lindsey Hughes, Managing Editor

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Managing Editor Lindsey Hughes

Keeping the school clean is highly important and a great way to show respect around the school.

Disrespect in school may look like trashed hallways, messes, students misusing school devices and technology, or even simply leaving trash on the table during lunch. Whether it’s a big problem or not, making small fixes in our everyday lives leads to a bigger change around the school.

“Being respectful means having a hallowed appreciation for the physical body that we have. What I mean by that is we have a lot of custodial staff that work very hard to make sure that this place is clean. We’ve worked with a lot of parents to make sure that we have the nicest facilities, at least I’ve ever worked at. So having an understanding, a hallowed understanding of the facilities themselves,” Dr. James Rogers, assistant principal, said.

At WSMS, teachers remind the students to be nice and respectful to others, even if nobody is watching. Students can do small things around the campus to show that they care for the property, the supplies, and the people in it. Respecting the school shows that our students care about the facility and their learning environment.

“I just think having respect for your school is important because it shows pride in our school. People can show school respect by picking up around their school and treating the property nicely and not damaging any of the property,” Grace Milliken, eighth-grader, said.

By respecting Lovejoy, it can show a direct impact around the halls. By simply picking up trash, saying ‘thank you’, or putting things back where they came from, the school transforms into a completely new place.

“I think it is very important to respect this school because Lovejoy is known for its super student and we have to make sure we are super respectful. we have a duty to fulfill and that’s why Love joy is the best. It’s just like the golden rule. We have to treat other people the way we want to be treated so if we treat other people with respect then they will treat us with the fact also,” Elizabeth Esposito, seventh-grader, said.

Especially with new students and staff joining Lovejoy, WSMS students have grown their respect throughout the first few weeks of school.

“Tremendous respect from the students here, both for the facilities, like you’ll see kids pick up trash here, you’ll see kids thank people who go the extra mile for things when parents come up to do things for us. I would say the vast majority if not all of my interactions with kids so far has been very respectful,” Assistant Principal Rodgers said.

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School respect-an important aspect of all schools