Wardrobe challenged?

Show summer style and still stay in school dress code

LeopardLife Emma Gapp and Parker Post, Staff Writers

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With increased temps and summer slipping in, students rack their closet with the newest and trending fashions. From sailor stripes to denim on denim, and from bomber jackets to camouflage, both girls and boys prepare for summer with new clothing.

However, some students said they find fitting in dress code a challenge, but want to find better ways to be fashionable and still follow the rules. To solve this situation, school administrators and other students gave some fashionable dress code tips. From wearing a t-shirt under spaghetti straps to adding leggings and flats to short skirts, school dress can be easily solved, they said.

“I think fashion comes in all sorts of colors and styles and designs, I think really the three requirements we look at in order for students to be in dress code are the three fingers, the fingertip length on the shorts, and making sure that mid-drift is not showing,” Rachael Merrick, assistant principal, said.

The dress code also says that students cannot wear shorts under fingertip length, and most tank tops aren’t allowed. With Texas’ hot weather during the summer, students find difficulty with fitting in with the trends, and with the dress code. WSMS students give advice for how to have summer fashion and still stay in the dress code.

“They [students] can go shopping for in-dress-code clothes instead of shopping for summer and wearing those to school,” Jordyn Worrall, a seventh-grade student, said.

Before coming to school, some students check their shorts and shirts for dress code. While other campuses may allow athletic shorts.  They are not permitted at Willow Springs. 

School administrators enforce the dress code but don’t mean to ruin the students’ fashion choices. They support the creativity, thought, and uniqueness that goes into the outfits, but enforce the dress to be sure students have a professional environment.

“Because by no means do we want to squelch your kind of your designer individuality, but we just want to make sure students are always safe, protected, and have that ultimate work environment,” Merrick said.

Although some students don’t agree with the dress code, others such as eighth-grader Annie Laos think the dress code helps present oneself correctly.

“I feel that it is good for us to stay in dress code. You don’t want to be presenting yourself to other people inappropriately and wanting to wear stuff out of dress code just shows how you want to present yourself and how you want to represent themselves,” Laos said.

With bell bottom jeans and tank tops over t-shirts coming back into style, more opportunities for outfits are emerging. Students match colors, patterns, and prints to create their own unique style.

“We have a lot of students that have a great eye for fashion, and they mix and they match colors and textures, and patterns, and sometimes even fabrics to kind of make their own fashion sense and keeping with those three guidelines that we ask of you,” Rachael Merrick, assistant principal, said.


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Wardrobe challenged?