Pop Show steals the stage

LeopardLife Lindsey Hughes, Staff Writer

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Lights will flash and music will boom as the choir performers at WSMS sing and dance to songs from far back and to songs enjoyed today at the 2017 Pop Show, “Sing, Now and Then”.

On Monday, May 15, the choir students will fill the stage at Lovejoy High school to start the show. The students will sing music with various styles from the seventies, and up to the twenty-first century.

“This year’s pop show is called “Sing, Now and Then,” and its music that is from Motown to the seventies, to the eighties and nineties; anything goes,” said Christina Chapman, Choir Director.

In the songs sung by the choir, there are solo parts that students can audition for. Students can also audition to sing a song of their choice. The singers will have the opportunity to sing in front of family and friends at the show. Because the songs span over five decades, any song can go with the theme.

“Some of the songs from the Motown era are ‘Reach Out I’ll Be There’. We are doing a medley of Motown songs. We are doing ‘Bohemian Rhapsody,’ a very popular tune in the seventies. For the eighties, we’re doing some Bon Jovi, ‘Living on a Prayer’ We’re doing ‘Stitches’ by Shawn Mendes. You’ll hear ‘Sing’ by Pentatonix, a little bit of everything,” Chapman said.

Students can prepare a song as a solo, or they can sing parts in the songs alone. Auditions are after school, and certain songs and solo parts will be chosen to be in the pop show. Although some of the singers say that they are nervous about singing alone in front of an audience, they agree that it is worth it to experience the challenge.

“I am going to sing ‘Want You Back’ by Jackson 5 because it is such a classic, and I wanted to bring it back,” said seventh-grader Fariba Alavi.

The pop show is a way for the students to show off everything that they learned in the school year. The seventh-graders can anticipate the upcoming school year, and the eighth-graders can look back on choir memories as they sing to “Humble and Kind” before they move on to high school.

“The pop show is a good way for singers to express themselves because it is an opportunity for you to sing the songs you love, and there is a variety of songs to sing,” said eighth-grader, Soli Stubbs.

Many of the students say they enjoy the pop show and like to show off everything that they learned that year. They say it is fun to sing songs with friends in choir.

“The pop show is a good way for singers to express themselves because singing in front of a huge crowd is a challenge, but it is worth it. I am excited about the pop show because it is a great chance for us to relate to the music that we are all singing together,” said Alavi.

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Pop Show steals the stage