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School strives to be compassionate

LeopardLife Chisom Okrafor, Ryan Wang, and Lindsey Hughes, Staff Writers

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Empathy, pity, charity, and humanity are all associated with compassion as the ability to sympathize with another’s feelings and act upon it. “{Compassion is} having nice, kind, caring feelings towards one another,” said Blake Slaughter, 8th grade boy.

“Everyone should express compassion to others no matter who they are expressing it to.”The district has chosen to make the theme “Making a difference through compassion”, which is associated with this year’s Legacy read, I am Malala.

The school has started a program to ignite compassion within the students by choosing the Legacy read, I am Malala, an award winning book about the struggle for girls’ education. The author, Malala Yousafzai herself, was shot by the Taliban, a terrorist group bent on keeping girls out of school. However, Malala survived and is spreading her message today.

“We are doing it for the Legacy read which is the district read. This year, the book is I am Malala, so Compassionate Lovejoy is making a difference through compassion; so, when a student does something nice for someone,”Library Media Specialist Beth Lowry said.

Along with having a Legacy read theme as compassion, the school wants to show their compassion through actions. The school will collect items to give to those in need. The district will be compassionate by collecting items for Caldwell Elementary. Additionally, the news is being spread through Twitter, under #CompassionateLovejoy.

According to, the purpose of the Legacy read this year is to:
– Highlight the joy and importance of lifelong learning through reading.
– Foster community connections through literary endeavors.
– Leverage technology resources to sustain learning from a shared reading experience.

There are multiple ways to get involved in the Legacy read, including reading I am Malala, posting on social media, following the hashtag #CompassionateLovejoy, and participating in the school drives to donate items. The school also wants to encourage students to show compassion to one another in their community and in their everyday lives.

“Other than being kind to one another and being respectful to their teachers, [students can show compassion if] they can help with our sock drive for Caldwell Elementary. They showed a lot of compassion to our friends at Samaritan Inn through the coin drive,” Lowry said. “Every year we do a legacy read, so this year we just decided to make a difference through compassion. [Our goal is] to just be compassionate and be kind,” Lowry said.

The district wants to show compassion throughout the schools by providing wristbands for students to wear. The wristbands have a message: ‘Making a Difference Through Compassion’.

“I think as a whole, our students show compassion toward each other. However, I do think that middle schoolers could speak more kindly to each other and encourage each other instead of putting each other down. Often students will say that they were just joking or that they were just saying that to their friend, but I would like to see everyone be more positive toward each other, especially their friends,” said Heather Lamb, Algebra 1 teacher.

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The student news site of Willow Springs Middle School
School strives to be compassionate